Our Services
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PPM System Implementation

At Secol Consulting we have experts in several leading PPM systems who can help you select, plan, implement and maintain tools that will make your organization more efficient.

Portfolio Governance

The larger organizations grow, the more challenging it becomes to determine the right projects to work on and when to execute them. Secol Consulting can help you setup the right governance structure that will allow more control over your portfolio.

Resource Management

You will know you have an efficient organization when your resource utilization is above 100%. But to get there you need to establish individual targets, get engagement from Functional Managers and so on. We're here to help.

Workforce Analytics

What good is time tracking and resourcing if you're not going to do anything with the data? The analysts at Secol Consulting have been reporting on Worforce Analytics for almost a decade, and can provide you with critical information that will help you estimate and project future needs.

Project Budget Management

We can make any organization billable. It's that simple - from rate calulations to absorption to contingency and change request management - we'll create the structure and reports to match your financial and accounting needs.

Platform Agnostic Approach

At Secol Consulting we recognize no one tool or system can solve all the needs of an organization. For that reason we are well trained in all of the industry leading PPM systems, and also have experts in system integrations to ensure you get the full value of each tool by conecting PPMs to ERPs to Agile tools and more.